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Quality EV Charging Cables

Having the correct EV Charging equipment is crucial to owning an Electric Car. Pulling up at a local ev charger without the correct equipment can be frustrating. Here at EV King, we provide all types of electric car charging cables to make sure you can always charge your electric car no matter the situation.

  • Standard EV Cables can connect your car to an ev charging station
  • Tethered EV Cables are wired into an ev charging station
  • Portable EV Cables will charge your electric car from a standard 3 pin socket

If you need any help choosing the best cable for you, contact our experienced team today.

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Here at EV King, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.
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We offer free next day delivery if your order is processed before 3pm.
Manufacturer Warranties
Here at EV King, we offer at least a 12-month warranty on all our products.
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Trusted by popular brands such as Carzoo, Carwow and Lookers.


This depends on a couple of different factors, but the ev charging cable you choose doesnt directly effect the price. The cost to charge your electric car will depend on how much charge your car needs and how much your electricity provider is charging you. It is often advised to charge your car at night at night, as the price of electricity at this time is lower. Also you can find FREE places to charge your electric car, such as, local garden centres, cars park and much more.

When you first buy an electric car it should come with an EV charging cable, unfortunately this cable is usually only 5m long. This will cause a problem to EV drivers that have a socket or charging station over 4.5 meters away. Fortunately, you can buy a replacement cable from EV King, we provide EV cables in a variety of different lengths including 15 and 20-meter options.

No not all ev charging cables are the same, they come with different connectors, charge speeds, lengths, and types of charging cables.

  • Connectors – Theses are at each of the cable and come in type 1, type 2, CSS or a CHAdeMO
  • Charge speeds – This relates to how much power your cable can handle and in the UK this ranges from 10amp to 22kw. (Rapid charges produce more)
  • Lengths – How long the ev cable is, longer the cable the further it will reach.
  • Types – You have 3 different types tethered charging cables, portable charging cables and standard charging cables (Type 2 to Type 2 connectors)

Yes, the ev charging cable you use for a plug-in hybrid will also work with an electric car. As long as the connectors and the amperages match up this cable will charge both cars perfectly.


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