BMW 330e Charging Cables

As one of the largest and best-known car manufacturers on the planet, BMW needs no introduction. The manufacturer is often at the forefront of innovations in the automobile industry and they first entered the electric car market around 2013. In 2015, BMW introduced the 330e series, which are both luxurious and great looking. Different versions of the car are available that offer upgraded performance, as well as an estate version. With BMW’s 330e series, you can also expect the excellent engineering for which the manufacturer is renowned.
The BMW 330e series is optimally compatible with a 3.7kW charger that requires a 16A cable. The vehicle is not able to handle chargers that have a higher capacity. A full charge from empty to full will take around 2 hours.

We stock some of the best brands when it comes to charging cables for the BMW 330e, and you will find our selection below.
Rolec:  Rolec cables give a 12 month warranty to their customers. Their cables are usually 5 metres, but 5m and 10m cables are also available.
EV Power:EV Power gives its customers an 18 month warranty. Their electric vehicle power cables are available in lengths of 5m, 10m, and 15m.
Blaupunkt:  Blaupunkt gives a free carrying case and a 2 year warranty with their cables, which are typically 8 metres long.
Phoenix Contact: Phoenix Contact gives a 12 month warranty to its customers. Their cables are available in a variety of lengths from 1 metre, to 15 metres.

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