Jeep Renegade Charging Cable

Choose to charge your vehicle conveniently at home or hook it up to public charging stations with our Jeep charging cables. All you need to do it plug the cable into your car and your chosen charging unit, socket, or station and relax while your car gets the juice it needs.

We offer charging cables with different connectors so you can connect to any charging point. There are Type 2 to Type 2 cable and Type 2 to 3-pin plug EV cable options. You know your own charging needs, so pick the charging cable that will work best for your lifestyle.

When you buy a new charging cable, it’s a good idea to buy an EV cable bag to keep your car tidy, clean, and organised, too.

We offer fast delivery. Orders placed before 3 pm receive free next day delivery. Check out our Jeep charging cables and pick the best one for you.

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