MG MG5 Charging Cables

Looking for a charging cable for an MG5? Here at EV King, we stock a wide range of MG MG5 Charging Cables. The MG5 requires a type 2 charging cable and the onboard charger is capable of charging at 6.6kw, so to get the fastest charge we would recommend purchasing a 32amp, type 2 to type 2 charging cable. This will charge the MG5 in just 8 hours, and then the car will be able to travel 214 miles without being recharged. If you are looking for a more flexible charging solution we would recommend purchasing a 3 pin to type 2 charging cable, this will charge your MG5 at 2.6kw but does not require an EV charging station.  If you choose one of our MG MG5 Charging Cables you will receive free delivery, 18 months warranty, and the options for a waterproof bag. Need any more assistance choosing the correct charging cable then speak to one of our experts today.

See our range of MG5 Charging Cables below: 

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