MINI Countryman Charging Cables

The MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid can travel  up to 26 miles in full electric mode meaning it does not produce any CO2 emissions. This car has been known as one of the most fun to drive on the planet since the first model arrived on the market. The newer models retain the fun and sporty nature of the car, including the Mini Countryman. Although the Mini Countryman is still small, it is still noticeably larger than other Minis on the market. It could even be considered to be a small SUV, making it considerably more practical than other Minis also.
The Mini Countryman is a plug-in hybrid variety four wheel drive car that is ideal for busy cities and for anybody that just wants something fun to drive. Its all-electric range is only up to around 26 miles, but the Mini is often not used for longer distance journeys anyway.
The Mini Countryman is optimally compatible with a 3.7kW charger, which uses a 16A charging cable. Chargers with a higher capacity are too much to handle for this car. Charging will take around 2 hours from empty to full and there is no fast-charging option. It can be charged via a standard home socket and this will take around 4 hours.
To slow charge the Mini Countryman you will need a 3 pin to type 2 charger. If you are using a charger instead then you will usually need a type 2 to type 2 charger. The charging point is located just in front of the front, left hand door.

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