Porsche Cayenne E Charging Cables

The Porsche Cayenne is a popular luxury plug-in hybrid SUV that boasts the kind of performance you would expect from a Porsche. This attractive SUV is a pleasure to drive with superb handling and can make 0-62mph in just under 6 seconds. This SUV’s all electric range is only 22 miles which means it loses economic value over longer journeys but is still ideal for going shopping and picking the kids up from school.
The Porsche Cayenne is the latest in the Cayenne series and its predecessors have not been highly thought of. This new Cayenne, however, is lighter and faster than the others, helping to give it a performance you would more likely expect from a vehicle wearing the famous Porsche badge.
The Porsche Cayenne E is optimally compatible with a 7.4kW charger, provided you upgrade the on-board charger, and a charge from empty to full will take around 2 hours. It is also compatible with a 3.7kW charger, which uses a 16A charging cable, and will take around 3 hours to recharge the battery from empty to full. The Porsche Cayenne E can also be charged by a standard mains socket, which will take around 6 hours.
If you do want to charge this car from the mains you will need a 3 pin to type 2 charger. If you are using a charging station then you will usually need a type 2 to type 2 charger. The charging connector is found on the right side of the car and toward the rear.

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