Range Rover Vogue Charging Cables

The Range Rover Vogue P400e PHEV is capable of charging at 7.2kw (2 hours), this means if you want to charge the Range Rover P400e at its maximum speed you will need at least a 32amp range rover vogue charging cable. The car will also charge using a 16amp ev charging cable but this will take 4 hours to charge. If you want to plug your Range Rover Vogue P400e PHEV into a public or residential charging station you will require a type 2 to type 2 charging cable. The other option is to charge a Vogue P400e with a standard UK wall socket. To do this your will need a 3 pin to type 2 charging cable, this method of charging will take 6 hours to completely charge.

If you need any help choosing the perfect charging cable for your Range Rover Vogue speak to the experts at EV King.

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