⁣Renault Captur Charging Cables

The ⁣Renault Captur will charge from 0%-100% in just 3 hours using a 16amp (3.7kw) EV charging cables. We sell a range of charging cables for the ⁣Renault Captur including portable 3 pin chargers (5m and 10m) and type 2 to type 2 charging cables suitable for wall stations. If you are looking to charge your Renault Captur in public we would recommend choosing a type 2 to type 2 16amp cable 3.7kw. You car will also charge using a 32amp (7.2kw) ev cable but it you car will not accept any more than the suggested 16amp supply. If you need any help choosing the perfect charging cable for your ⁣Renault Captur, speak to EV King today.

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