Type 1 to 3 Pin Charging Cable

Charge your electric vehicle battery from your home or on the go with a Type 1 to 3 pin charging cable. This cable can be plugged directly into a standard wall outlet or charging station. Having a flexible charger provides efficient charging for electric vehicles because you can get power wherever you are, even if you’re not near other charging points.

The Type 1 to 3 pin charging cable line charger communicates with your car when you plug in the cable. You may face long charging times because the standard power supply is only 10 amps (2.3 kW). However, if you connect your car overnight, then this cable will have your car ready to go by the next morning.

If you purchase a UK 3 pin plug to type 1 cord, we’ll arrange free UK delivery and seller protection for all orders. Add an EV cable bag to keep your car tidy, clean, and organised.

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