Volkswagen ID.3 Charging Cables

To charge a Volkswagen ID.3 you require a Type 2 charging cable, here at EV King, we stock these in a variety of different amperages and lengths to suit your requirements. If you need a Volkswagen ID.3 charging cable to plug into a domestic or public charging station we would recommend a 32amp (3 phase) charging cable. The Volkswagen ID.3 is capable of charging at 22kw, this will fully charge your Volkswagen ID.3 in just 6-8 hours (Depending on the model). This will add 28 – 42 miles of charge per hour. If you are looking to purchase a backup or a more flexible solution you can purchase a 3 pin to type 2 charging cable, this will allow you to charge your Volkswagen ID.3 by simply plugging it into a UK socket. If you require any more assistance when choosing a Volkswagen ID.3 Charging Cable, speak to the experts at EV King today.

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